Positive Thinker Daily Focus

Sunday:     Law of  Mentalism:  Worldwide prayer for peace has resulted in combined
directed energies greater than the sum of the whole that allows the I AM to enter that
creates a value- added, synergistic relationship with the Universe to exponentially
amplify and enhance our prayers.  
Sunday morning church service begins at 11:30 a.m. and is followed by refreshments.  
Church Picnic is TBD.

Monday:   Law of Rhythm:    Like the ocean's ebb and tide, life has a pendulum -like
rhythm that can be mind-modulated by setting boundaries, defining the space.

Tuesday:   Law of Correspondence:  As within, so without.   Seed thoughts  planted will  
grow and produce seed thought that was planted. Mental gardening?  Instant plow/
plant/ grow/harvest?  Each night, think about things you would have done differently
today. Resolve to change
as you sleep...so that tomorrow is a different day.  Plant good
seed thoughts to obtain a healthy harvest

Wednesday:  Law of Gender: The feminine principle utilizes imaginaton to give
gratitude at the level at which you expect to receive. Any moment of time is a  good time  
to think of the things you expect to receive.  Give Thanks as if you already had them.  
give Thanks for my blessings.

Thursday: Law of Cause and Effect:  Our thoughts caused our life as it exists today.  
Mental housekeeping?  Remove the emotion from old memories. Reclaim/re-use this
energy today.  
I meditate twice daily at least 12-14 minutes each time to reclaim/re-use

Friday:       Law of Vibration:  We  attract  people  who think thoughts similar to our
thoughts.  We resonate/empathize "on the same wave length or frequency."  
I am on the
same wave length as those whose thoughts are healthy, wealthy and wise.

Saturday: Law of Polarity:  Our quantity and quality of thoughts, words and works
define us and can be measured on a siding scale...healthy, wealthy  wise?   
I choose to be
healthy; I choose to be wealthy; I choose to be wise and my thoughts, words and works
are established with healthy, wealthy, wise circumstances and events in my
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