Rev.Dr. Sherwood Howland received her bachelors degree, masters
and doctorate degrees from the International Metaphysical Ministry
University Systems  (

Sherwood Howland holds a Bachelors of Science in
Technology (1990);Master of Business Administration
(M.B.A.) with concentration in management & finance,
Jacksonville State Univ.(1993) Jacksonville, Alabama.

Rev.Dr. Howland's approved thesis for completion of the Master's
Program is "Monday Morning Quarterback."
Rev.Dr. Howland's approved
dissertation for completion of the
Doctoral Program (Msc.D.) is "Beattitudes for a Red Hair Stepchild."

Rev.Dr. Howland is an ordained minister through IMM seminary
is licensed to perform
christenings, weddings and celebration of life
services as well as metaphysical (spiritual) counseling, meditational
instruction and is a metaphysical practitioner

Dr. Howland holds current membership in the
International Metaphysical Ministry Association,
continuing post graduate education in IMM
Counseling Psychology.